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ALL of my existing and future plug-ins are FREE but they take a lot time and effort to create. Donations for appreciation of my plug-ins and the many hours dedicated to creating them are always welcome. Even the price of a coffee to help me work would be great. This website will be updated periodically with new release information. Chris - Samsara Cycle Audio

Samsara Hurdy Gurdy FREE VSTi

  Samsara Hurdy Gurdy


Virtual Medieval Instrument


To install VST plug-in, follow these steps:
  • 32bit version
  • Unzip the file.
  • Place the Samsara_HurdyGurdy_v2.dll into the folder where your VST host application is looking for VST plug-ins.
  • To uninstall remove the Samsara_HurdyGurdy_v2.dll file from your VST Plug-ins folder.
  • Make sure the folder write permissions are set to 'all' 
  • 64bit version
  •  Unzip the folder complete will all contained files and place it in the folder where your VST host application is looking for VST plug-ins. 
  • The plug-in should be in a sub-folder of your main VST folder along with all the files needed for it to function. Do not rename the folder after unzipping it.

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32bit Download HERE

64bit Download HERE

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