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100% FREE

ALL of my existing and future plug-ins are FREE but they take a lot time and effort to create. Donations for appreciation of my plug-ins and the many hours dedicated to creating them are always welcome. Even the price of a coffee to help me work would be great. This website will be updated periodically with new release information. Chris - Samsara Cycle Audio

License Agreement

 License Agreement

You may use my plug-ins freely in your media creations, including commercial use. This does not give you ownership of my plug-ins, but does give you unlimited use otherwise. Please do not sell or re-sell my plug-ins. Please do not claim the plug-ins as your own work. If you find them useful then consider a donation. If you are not able to make a donation, then please help to raise awareness of my work and direct people to my website.

Blessings and good success to you in your work :)


Samsara Cycle Audio's VSTi / VST" plug-ins are computer software licensed under exclusive legal right of the Author. The purchaser, or licensee, is given the right to use the software under the conditions as described above.
VST is a trademark of Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH


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