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ALL of my existing and future plug-ins are FREE but they take a lot time and effort to create. Donations for appreciation of my plug-ins and the many hours dedicated to creating them are always welcome. Even the price of a coffee to help me work would be great. This website will be updated periodically with new release information. Chris - Samsara Cycle Audio

VMP1 Virtual Analogue Synthesizer VSTi


Virtual Mono Poly Analogue Synth

(Version 2 has many improvements)

Improved Oscillators
Fine Tune for each Oscillator
Double click reset on balancing controls
Improved LFO Functions
Improved Selectors
Midi Learn

16 Note Polyphonic / Mono
4 Oscillators Saw / Square / Sine / Free
Free Wave oscillator has wave select
Tune for each oscillator + on/off switch
Feet select and volume for each oscillator
White noise level control
Midi Channel selector
Frequency Modulation Section
Filter Section
Filter selector
Low / High / Band Pass
Filter Controls
Cutoff / Resonance / LFO MOD / EG MOD
Delay Effect Section
Time / Size / Mix / on/off switch
Velocity on/off switch
Envelope Generator Section
Attack / Decay / Sustain / Release
Pitch Bend Wheel
Portamento Section
Note Priority Selector
LFO Section
Rate / Waveform Select
Output Amplifier Section
EG Vol / Volume / Mono/Poly Select

Version 2 Downloads

VMP1 Demo


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